We turn ideas into artworks.

EDUCADESIGN Egitim Ofis Sis Ins Muh. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti

EDUCADESIGN is an accomplished manager and problem-solver company offering a variety of services to clientele with the goal of building successful brand name valued establishments.

EDUCADESIGN Egitim Ofis Sis Ins Muh. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti, was established with the brand name in the year 2004. Since then, Educadesign has provided innovative design solutions & technical support to corporate projects in Turkey. Educadesign has gained its rightful place in the education, decoration, and industrial commercial market by offering feasible, affordable and fast solutions to esteemed customers.

Educadesign has completed many projects in The Education Department & The Educational Decoration International Market. Projects such as; Guven Schools in Northern Cyprus, the furnishing of 16 Schools of The Board of Education in Kosovo, Jeddah Turkish School and Project conceptualizing in the Haram area by the Madinah municipality in Saudi Arabia, with the Board of Education in Azerbaijan, and Polimeks Construction Company, in Turkmenistan. Educadesign has worked with leading expert corporate construction firms to conceptualize projects with professional design systems in the Educational and Construction markets and has offered feasible solutions and turnkey results.

As of 2010, Educadesign has provided service to and become a local corporate supplier to corporate design & brand-name change projects of the leading firms such as AVEA, TTNET and TURK TELEKOM. Educadesign has continued to offer solutions and to provide service in the industrial commercial, decoration and facade markets with leading corporate firms of their own sectors such as Medical Park Hospitals, Gebze Yuksek Teknik University and Aydin University, Alan Yapı Construction Company, Aras Construction Company and many others.

EducaDesign has utilized effective time management and worked with subcontractors and local suppliers in order to speed up waiting time. EducaDesign has effectively managed and performed quality control over all products and services via local storage sites, logistics & services. All projects handed over to our firm are under our management and responsibility. Educadesign has and continues to provide during-sale and after-sale service with its customer oriented fast solutions in the field. EducaDesign aims to please and values Customer satisfaction.